lonely, i'm mr lonely. i'm nobody.
lonely, yr mr lonely. yr nobody.
lonenly, we're mr lonely. we're nobody.
(to you from me)

love me in the mornings

skin still unmarked by the world

love me when i stumble home

drunk and tired

love me after a long day

when i wear the decay

the rot

of existence

on my thoughts

love me when I’ve given up




love me when I’ve been unfaithful

when i’m idiotic

when i’m broken

when i have nothing more to give

when all i do is drink take feed from you

love me without hesitation

love me seriously

love me silly

love me stupidly

love me endlessly

love me the way you receive me

or just don’t love me at all


Take me there.

High rise, veins of the avenue
Bright eyes and subtle variations of blue
Everywhere is balanced there like a rainbow above you


you make my cheeks turn to roses every time you look at me. i like it.

— boy


(this makes me smile)

Paulo Coelho.
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